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Principal's Message

Welcome to Dynamic Dorsey High School where every student receives a full ride tuition-free scholarship for a college preparatory education. We are a “First Choice School Providing a First Class Education.”


As the Proud Principal of Susan Miller Dorsey High School, it is my commitment to foster a culture of education and learning and to promote college going and career ready experiences. The core of our goals is to provide quality public education to all students. Our efforts include educating students to advance the quality of life and leadership for the future, while laying the foundation to access information and develop a life-long network of support.


The Dorsey community has always been a family.  We understand that we must create and sustain a caring and inclusive learning environment.  We aim to provide a learning environment that prides itself on a culture of caring and communal learning through a path-goal oriented approach of involving all stakeholders in the learning process.  We also support students with opportunities to develop a sense of self-efficacy.  Through the Four C's concept of Communication, Consultation, Collaboration, and Coordination of personalized learning services, it is our vision to nurture opportunities for students to exercise control over their own functioning as they develop in the pathway of their choice.  "Providing students opportunities to discover [and exercise] their strengths allows them to cultivate the belief that they can succeed." (Perron, 2016)


The school community will focus on best practices in key areas of instruction, programming, adolescent development, counseling, health, and discipline.  The faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring that all Dorsey High School students are prepared for post-secondary education and careers, by equipping them with the necessary tools and 21st Century critical thinking skills to be self-directed learners and productive citizens contributing positively to society.


"Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations."


Dr. Sean M. Gaston, Principal

~You Just Can't Hide that Dorsey Pride~

  Sean Gaston Principal